Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Music Coming Up

Greetings friends of BBoP,

summer is upon us and our spirits are uplifted. The winters in the Northwest are dreary and long to say the least and the warm sunny days will help with the many projects, started and unstarted, some of which we hope to complete this summer. The 2 main projects are of course the official release of the new cd "Voranzherei" and further videos to accompany music from both cd's.

We have several tracks which we would especially like to see have a video accompanying them. At this time we most likely will be working on a video for "Guitar Peace" next. It seems from all of the comments we've received, it's one of the favorites of many of you.

Michael has also recently added a Fender Telecaster to his ever growing collection of musical instruments. The Telecaster has a sound distinctly different from the Stratocaster and several of the new numbers due out soon have already been recorded using it.

That's all for now. There is much more planned, more than there is time to do. Stay tuned and please get on our mailing list.